the most sophisticated form
of martial arts culture

history and origin

baguazhang (eight trigrams palm)

The Origin

During the mid 19th century where Martial Arts development reached the peak period, founder Master Dong Hai Chuan, created BaGuaZhang based on the theory from the Book of Change ( I Ching) together with extractions of essence from all martial arts forms. It was then prohibited by the royal families due to its immerse erudition until the end of the Qing Dynasty.

History and Inheritors

Founder Master Dong Hai Chuan, inherited to Yin Fu, Supreme Head of the 2nd generation, teacher to Emperor Guang Xu and Empress Dowager Ci Xi. Gong Bao Tian, Supreme Head of the 3rd generation, private imperial guard to emperor and the royal families. After the end of the Qing Dynasty, Master Gong appointed Wang Zhuang Fei as the Supreme Head of the 4th generation, and next to Wong Hon Chi, son of Master Wang, being the Supreme Head of the 5th generation, who is now known as the King of BaGuaZhang and World Martial Arts Guru.


bagua training course

class a

Day time classes at Pudong Headquarter

class b

Weekly classes at MOB ChangNing

class c

Vacational or seasonal classes at East China Normal University

class d

Mobile classes citywide check with us for our next location

our team


Zhu Kai Yang

Exective Vice Chairman

Kim Wong

Vice Chairman cum Secretary General

Huang Wei Jun

Vice Chairman

Zhang Du Gan

Vice Chairman

William Gui

Vice Chairman

Wong Hon Chi


Shi Jin Biao

Vice Chairman

Lin Guang Xue

Vice Chairman

Yang Zhi Hong

Vice Chairman

Samuel Jiang

Vice Chairman

Alean Sun

Vice Secretary General

U I Mui

Former Vice Chairman of Shanghai Baguazhang Association

Zhu Kuang Yu

Former Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee

Xu Tao Ming

Chairman of Shanghai LianMing Group

Chen Xiao Zhong

Former Vice District Governor of Shanghai HongKou District

Hu Zhan Fen

Senior Media Journalist and Writer


Djojonegoro President of PT Djojonegoro C-1000 Indonesia

David Chan

Chairman of Oriental Martial Arts Institute USA

Gong Zhao Le

Grandson of Great Master Gong Bao Tian


press and event

19 Apr 2015

100th aniversary celebration of Great Master Wang Zhuang Fei

05 Jun 2015

Baguazhang short documentary produced by Shanghai Media Group

22 Sep 2015

Contract ceremomy with Shanghai Media Radio for Strategic cooperation to promote Baguazhang martial arts

20 Nov 2015

Baguazhang promotional video by Shanghai Media Group Radio project

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